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Re: zftp bit of a dark horse?

zzapper wrote:
> Hi,
> Why does zftp appear to be bit of a dark horse?
> In Cygwin it doesn't seem to be installed by default (although files are ther
> e). I Googled for
> tutorials or example scripts and got very few hits.
> Is it a relatively new feature? I've been looking for a really flexible FTP c
> lient for ages, can't
> tell if zftp would fit the bill

It's not particularly new.  It definitely compiles and runs under
Cygwin, whether distributed or not (I just tried).

Its chief weakness is... among its chief weaknesses are signal handling
and timeouts.  It's hard to interrupt it if it gets stuck, and it can
get stuck, for example, trying to disconnect from an unresponsive host.
That can make the shell hang on exit.  These parts really needs
rewriting.  Apart from that, it's pretty usable.

Not suprisingly, the completion support is pretty good, though I'm aware
of a problem with directory completion on servers which don't report
directories specially with `ls -F' (and there's no requirement in RFC959
that they should, in fact I think options to the FTP ls command are
non-standard).  zfcd_match could be upgraded to use `dir' which is more
likely to indicate directories.

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