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Re: zsh tips plea (tip of the day)

Considering the amount of traffic this thread has caused, maybe it would be a
good idea to formalize and store the zsh tips a little. 

Taking Björn's suggestion of using zshwiki.org, I would suggest someone create
a new page ZshTipsAll.  On that page people can add one line per tip. 
Something of the form "ZshTip### - tip synopsis"  Then create a page for each
ZshTip### that contains the actual tip.  If we want to formalize it a little
more, the ZshTip### page could have some sort of format convention, like vim
tips has certain meta-data about tips, like author,  complexity, and 'as of zsh

It would then be possible to create a little script to pull a random tip like a
daily fortune. That script could be placed in your startup files.

New tips would get created as people feel the need to create them, as pleas go
out on the list, or based on questions people ask. If the tips become numerous
and popular maybe someone will create a zshtips.org or we can add a tip system
on zsh.org.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author