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Re: zsh and emacs shell mode

On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 jeremy@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I'm writing to solicit tips in order to get Emacs' shell mode working as
> best possible with Zsh.

You're sure you're using shell mode and not terminal mode?

> Right now, my .zshrc includes:
> [[ $EMACS = t ]] && unsetopt zle
> I'm a zsh newbie, so I'm not positive what all this disables.

This disables zsh's built-in editor, akin to disabling readline in bash. 
Emacs does all the driving in shell mode -- the shell never sees any of 
what you type until you press the comint-send-input key (usually RET).

> In Emacs shell mode, paths no longer complete when I press TAB like they 
> did when I used Bash.  Is there a way for this to work?

This will have something to do with your emacs configuration, not zsh.
Offhand I don't know what.  Type C-x C-h c TAB to be sure that your tab
key is still bound to comint-dynamic-complete, and make sure that emacs
knows what the shell's current directory is (M-x dirs RET).

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