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Re: Zsh 4.2.1

On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, Peter Stephenson wrote:

> [Hmm, are you allowed to say `more seamlessly'?  Shouldn't it be
> something like `more closely resembling an object conceived of
> metaphorically as lacking in seams'?]

You really mean "more nearly seamlessly", because if it were already 
seamless it couldn't get any more so.

> Changes since zsh version 4.2.0
> -------------------------------
> - Assignments to associative arrays can use the i and r index flags.

It just occurred to me to hope that somewhere it's pointed out that if
more than one element matches the pattern, the one that gets replaced is
chosen effectively at random.  That's one of the reasons I didn't include
this capability when I originally wrote the associative array code.

Which means that after
it may be the case that
    print $assoc[(i)alpha*]
does not output "bravo", but
    print $assoc[(I)alpha*]
may print several things including "bravo".

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