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Re: Tip of the day: previous command output

> On 2004-08-22 16:03:23 -0700, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> > How is does this differ from menu selection?
> It seems that I need to reread all the documentation concerning the
> completion system.

Ups, so do I!  I had no idea that it's possible to select an item and keep
browsing the menu selection.  I just tried that now but I'm having problems
with binding a key to "accept-and-menu-complete".  I thought that
Ctrl-Enter would be a nicely fitting key for that (which one do you guys
use?) and tried
 bindkey -M menuselect '\C\r' accept-and-menu-complete

which works but has the side effect that Enter (without Ctrl) is bound to
accept-and-menu-complete, too.

Is that a bug or a feature? :-)
How do you gurus use this interesting feature?

I am using zsh 4.2.0 on Debian Sarge.


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