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Re: Problem with ignore-line and parenthesis

Bart wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Aug 2004, Jesper Holmberg wrote:
> > I have the following zstyle in my .zshrc:
> > 
> > zstyle ':completion:*:(rm|cp|mv):*' ignore-line yes
> > 
> > Filenames with parentheses in them seem to cause problems, though.
> Filenames with any glob pattern in them would have problems, I think.  See 
> if this does the right thing.

Unfortunately, this now looses the useful feature that where a glob
pattern is intentionally used, all files matching the pattern are
ignored. That's often quite useful because many matches can be cut out.

Not having no_nomatch or no_bad_pattern set, I've never noticed the
problem Jesper mentions.

One solution is to add both "$words[@]" and "${(q)words[@]}" to
_comp_ignore. Or should we check for the nomatch option or use more
values to the ignore-line style? Further discussion of that should
probably move to -workers.


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