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Re: Making a script 'sourceable'

On Fri, 3 Sep 2004, DervishD wrote:

>     That given, I'm trying to do two things. First one is detecting
> the 'sourcing' non portably, in zsh.

It can be done if setopt NO_FUNCTION_ARG_ZERO is in effect before the
script is sourced by comparing $0 either to $SHELL or to the name of
the script.

> thinking about now is to check the value of the option 'interactive'.
> If it is on, chances are that we have sourced the script. Otherwise,
> we may not. This is not perfect, though, because you can run a script
> (interactive=off) and then source the other script within...

If all your scripts check both the option and the state of $0 and then 
explicitly turn off FUNCTION_ARG_ZERO, you're pretty much guaranteed to 
catch direct sourcing the with the options and indirect sourcing with $0.

Other options you might check:

	[[ -o SH_IN_STDIN ]]
	[[ -o MONITOR ]]

>     The second thing is derived from the above question: since
> checking for 'sourcery' ;) is very difficult even non portably, I've
> thought about making my zsh scripts sourceables.

Lloyd Z. has the way of it.

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