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Re: Tip of the day: suspend-shell widget

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 11:44:26 +0100,  wrote:

>I was rather to surprised to find the following zle widget works
>seamlessly (at least with the latest version of zsh), but then I'm a
>cynic.  Save it as suspend-shell in your $fpath.
>Sample use:
>autoload suspend-shell
>zle -N suspend-shell
>bindkey '^z' suspend-shell
>^z now suspends the shell in the middle of the line editor.  When you
>bring it back to the foreground, you are exactly where you left off
>editing.  Obviously this is useless if the shell is running directly
>in a terminal window, but detecting that is quite hard.
>Possibly worth adding to Functions/Zle?
># start of suspend-shell
># Suspend the shell in the middle of line editing.
># When you continue, it resumes exactly where you left off.
># Won't suspend a login shell unless you pass a numeric argument.
>if (( ${NUMERIC:-0} )); then
>  # "builtin" is in case someone decides to call this function suspend
>  builtin suspend -f
>  if [[ -o login ]]; then
>    zle -M "Can't suspend login shell (use numeric argument)"
>    return 1
>  else
>    builtin suspend
>  fi
>zle redisplay
># end of suspend-shell

Peter, Is this for the case you're typing a command and think, yikes I need to check something else?

Does it also apply to vi-mode?

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