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Re: Even more about my nvi/zsh-bug

DervishD <zsh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>  * Juhapekka Tolvanen <juhtolv@xxxxxxxxx> dixit:
>> But plain nvi command makes that bug appear. But this is strange: I can
>> use any shell in that environment variable SHELL and nvi still works
>> fine. Even /bin/zsh is good for it. But look at this:

>> % echo $SHELL
>> zsh

>     Weird, that's '/bin/zsh' in my system. Probably nvi is messing
> with $PATH or something like that :?

Yes. It seems it does not try to find zsh from those directories
mentioned in PATH .

>     Can you tell screen that your shell is '-/bin/zsh' instead of
> '-zsh' (or /bin/zsh if you don't need it to be a login shell)?

Yes. I actually configured my screen so, as you can see in the end of my
E-Mail. I really got rid of that zsh/nvi-related bug that way.

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