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Re: Newbie zsh setup warts (history, pipes, export, ...).

Incoming from Danek Duvall:
> > I'm uset to doing "set | grep -i blah" but in zsh that produces:
> > 
> >   Binary file (standard input) matches
> Probably because IFS contains a NUL character (and you're using GNU grep).
> You could use the -a option to grep to force it to assume the input is

Thanks.  That works.

> > HISTCONTROL=ignoredups
> No idea what this is; someone else might answer.

It could be a holdover from bash.

> > HISTFILE=$HOME/.zsh_history
> > HISTSIZE=2000
> You also need SAVEHIST=xxx.  HISTSIZE is the size of the history any zsh

Ah!  Marvy.  I'll test that out.

> > export        HISTCONTROL         \
> No, you shouldn't need to do that; they're shell variables, not environment
> variables, and so don't need to be exported.  I assume, but I'm not sure,
> that if you export them, subshells will pick up those values.  But my .z*

I'm not sure I understand the distinction between shell and env. vars,
but usually yes, exporting them makes them available to sub/child
processes.  At least that's what they're for in sh and bash.

Thanks everyone.

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