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Re: Newbie zsh setup warts (history, pipes, export, ...).

> Now, I'm hoping to sort out the difference in backgrounded jobs.
> Specifically I can't say "sync & exit" anymore, or "startx & exit"
> either.  Is this what "&!" is for?  I tried "nohup startx & exit"
> yesterday and that seemed to just instantly kill the startx process.

&! stands for (roughly) 'background and disown'.  You've always been able
to background jobs.  And if you started them correctly (aka with nohup) you
could log out, and the job wouldn't care (the 'hup' signal handler was

zsh still allows nohup, but there's also a 'disown' builtin.  You can
disown a job, and it won't die when you log out either.  You can do this
post run time with 'disown %3' or the like (where %3 is the job number
gleaned from 'jobs').

The way to do this at runtime is to say 'your command and args &!'.

So, theoretically, 'startx &! ; exit' will work if you don't mind loosing
the short circuit.  Though I havn't needed to run startx in years...


This works fairly well for me:

* (^TO_|^Sender:[ 	]+owner-)zsh

* ^From:.*schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
* ^From:.*pws@xxxxxxx

I have no idea what PWS or Bart are/were doing with their mail to break
that procmail recipe, but once I did the hack below, the problem went away.


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