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Re: Filename expansion within a completion widget

    Hi all :)

>     compstate[insert]=${compstate[insert]//tab /}
>     compset -P '*/'
>     Well, it handles both relative and absolute directories
> correctly, but doesn't handle named directories :(( I don't
> understand why because if I type 'cd ~X<TAB>' the named dir should be
> expanded, shouldn't it?
>     If it shouldn't, could anyone hint me how to do it? Should I
> bother with any other similar problems (I mean, like mangling IPREFIX
> for absolute directories and the like)?

    Of course, adding something like 'PREFIX=$~PREFIX' just before
the compset call solves the problem, but then the named dir is
'translated', which I don't want, and additional code is needed in
the compadd call to 'untranslate' it. There is surely another way of
doing this...

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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