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Re: most-recent-file completion and accept-line

On Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Eric Smith wrote:

> When I tried this previously, I could not get it to work, now it kinda 
> works, so I finally respond.  Except you need to press the key combo 
> twice, once for all the possible options to appear and after the second 
> press it accepts one of the listed files.
> Perhpas I have something configured that interferes with it?

Notice the "&&" in there -- if the most-recent-file widget does not yield 
a zero status, accept-line will not be executed.  However, I don't know 
what if any circumstances would cause a nonzero status.

I hadn't noticed before, but in my zsh installation the name of the widget 
is _most_recent_file, [*] not most-recent-file, so there must be something 
else you're doing to create the hyphenated-name version.  Maybe that would 
provide a clue.

[*] And it's bound to ^Xm as well.

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