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Re: !!:$

Stephane Chazelas wrote:
> Wouldn't it be the same as ${(%):-%!}?

Yes, except much more obvious.

Bart wrote:
> Umm.
> HISTNO (integer)
>      The current history number.  Setting this has the same effect as
>      moving up or down in the history to the corresponding history line.
>      An attempt to set it is ignored if the line is not stored in the
>      history.
> Admittedly this is available only in widgets, but it seems odd to have two
> variables for the same thing.

You didn't read down the patch far enough.

+history.  Note this is not the same as the parameter tt(HISTCMD),
+which always give the number of the history line being added to the main
+shell's history.  tt(HISTNO) refers to the line being retrieved within

>> Then you can always get the full previous line as
>> $history[$((HISTCMD-1))].
> Unfortunately that doesn't always work.  If you setopt HIST_IGNORE_DUPS,
> $history[$((HISTNO-1))] may be empty.

That's a nuisance.  Maybe we need an ordinary array which always gives
the last items in the history, too.

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