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Re: Vim syntax file for zsh

I'm not a vim expert, I'm thinking there might be a better way to
allow me compare these syntax files side-by-side in the same process. 
I had to do it in separate runs.

Viewing completion function files under the cvs tree (e.g.
Completion/Unix/Type/_files)  It seems like both of these syntax files had some
problems with variable syntax.  Though Nikolai's seems to behave
better.  The one Danek sent marked some of  the variables with red
(meaning syntax errors.)  Neither knows about the new always keyword.

Though Nikolai's had problems with variables not listed in braces
(e.g. $#foo would only highlight the '$#'). It would only highlight
the first character.

I would like to see the syntax files be able to handle more of the
parameter expansion  syntax and flags (like found in man zshexpn) . 
It would be nice if it could color things like:
"${(@j:|:M)${(@)tmp#-}#?}" or show an error if it saw code like
"${(b)tmp} ('b' is not a valid flag).    Also things like the first
line #compdef or #autoload lines are not marked or highlighted in any
way, other than as a comment.

My focus is on completion functions, since they provide a good body of
source that use the zsh syntax.  Also, they contain quite a bit of
parameter syntax.

Both files seem better than the default one that comes with vim.  Very nice.

On Wed, 1 Dec 2004 13:02:02 +0100, Nikolai Weibull

> Yes, but it isn't great.  You may definetely give enhancement tips,
>        nikolai

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