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Re: Phil's prompt is not working when LANG is set to UTF-8

This One Time, at Band Camp, Andrey Borzenkov <arvidjaar@xxxxxxxxxx> said, On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 06:54:36AM +0300:
> > Maybe that's the reason, but changing TERM has no effect whatsoever,

> But replacing all ACS characters with space has:

>     PR_SHIFT_IN=""
>     PR_SHIFT_OUT=""
>     PR_HBAR=' '
>     PR_ULCORNER=' '
>     PR_LLCORNER=' '
>     PR_LRCORNER=' '
>     PR_URCORNER=' '

> If you have time you could try them one by one to see which one(s) break prompt.
I tried them one by one, only PR_HBAR makes it a little better, here's
a screenshot[1] of the prompt with PR_HBAR=' '

[1]: http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/4779/zshutf8qz9.png

Wael Nasreddine
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