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Re: timeout problem in ssh sessions - I found the culprit: mouse.zsh

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 02:24:17PM +0100, Andy Spiegl wrote:
> (CC to Stephane Chazelas)
> On 2008-02-13, 13:49, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> > Try stripping your .zshrc and .zshenv files to the minimum.
> Thanks, Peter.  This should've been the first thing I should have done.
> Only that it's so time consuming :-(
> Anyway, I found the bad line which was causing the hangs:
>  . $HOME/.zsh/functions/mouse-support
> This is a _very_ nice addon by Stephane Chazelas
>  http://stchaz.free.fr/mouse.zsh
> to be able to use the mouse together with the "Super" key.
> It makes heavy use of the X selection so probably that's what is
> making the problems, maybe in combination with a bug ssh or X.
> Any suggestions where and how to report it to?
> Or how to analyze it further?

Hi Andy,

If it's an issue with the X selection, adding a "setopt
localoptions xtrace" to the get-x-clipboard, set-x-clipboard,
push-x-cutbuffer may help find out what's going on.

Manipulation of the X selection is done via the xclip or xsel
commands. Those need to connect to the X server. They also try
and own the CLIPBOARD selection. I don't remember the details
but I think the way they get it is that they ask it from the
previous owner.


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