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Re: timeout problem in ssh sessions - I found the culprit: mouse.zsh

On 2008-02-14, 16:25, Stephane CHAZELAS wrote:
> xclip or xsel fork a background process in order to own the
> CLIPBOARD selection. Having something else owning the selection
> (by having another app copying some text) should terminate that
> xclip/xsel and release your ssh session.

YES, that's it!  There is a xsel process hanging around until
I press Ctrl-U or Ctrl-Y in a different shell.  As soon as I
do that the ssh connection terminates, too.

Now I am thinking whether it would be easily possible to kill
this process in .zlogout.  Does mouse.zsh keep track of the pid?
A "killall xsel" might not always be what I want, right?

Yes, running xclipboard helps, but it doesn't work together nicely
with other X programs like xemacs. :-(


 echo '@a=(A..Z,a..z," ");$t="a"x25;{for($x=0,$|=$n=30; $n--;){for($l=$t;1<rand 7;)
 {substr$l,rand 25,1,$ a[rand@a]}$q=$_="resU naibeD a eb ot duorP";for($a=$l;$_;){s/.//;$q++
 if chop$a eq$&}if($x<=$q){$e=$l;die$ e,$/if($x=$q)==25}}print$t=$e,"\r";redo}'|perl

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author