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Completion questions (kill, appending)

Hi, I'm new to zsh, and I had a couple of questions:

First, can I make the kill completion show all the jobs that I can
kill?  It seems strange to me that it only shows the jobs for the
current session.

Second, I'm coming from bash, and so I hate menu completion.  I have
it turned off (unsetopt automenu and unsetopt menucomplete), and that
seems to work for most things.  However, if you attempt to complete a
pid to kill by using the process name, it reverts to menu completion.
Can I turn off all menu completion everywhere somehow?

Third, how do you append specific things to a completion list?  I want
to append my common usernames to the 'users' list, without replacing
the usernames that are already there.

I'm using:
zstyle ':completion:*:(ssh|scp):*' users <usernames>

and that replaces the list instead of appending to it.



Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author