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Is it possible to list all styles in all contexts?

I've been using zsh for a while and am now trying to learn enough to write
completions.  It seems one needs to understand and lookup styles quite well so
my natural inclination is to list them all and then browse/experiment.

Intuitively, I think I should be able to list them all with:

zstyle -L "*"

But only one result for 'sudo' is returned, presumably added by my
distribution.  I was expecting something like:


I'm not sure how correct any of this is, but it seems there are quite a lot of
styles populating various parts of contexts and I'd like to see what the
structure looks like.

I've also found some other threads with similar goals/desires:

Comments on Completion Documentation
Recommendation to read "From Bash to Z Shell"
Previous effort to organize options

After reading these, I anticipate an effort similar to msg 487 with respect to
organizing context-styles in part to address concerns raised in msg 931; I'm
wondering if the book mentioned in msg 120 would help in answering these kinds
of questions.

To rephrase the original question, how do I programmatically expand
all contexts
into a horizontal tree whose leaves also contain the values tied to
those styles?


Ian Tegebo

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author