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Re: iterating through a hierarchy with a filter

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 12:52:45PM +0200, Thor Andreassen wrote:
> find source/ -iname '*.xml' | while read file1; do 

That should be while IFS= read -r file1

but that assumes that the file names don't contain newline
characters. -iname is a GNU extension, that's neither POSIX nor
Unix. While you're at using GNU extensions, you could use

find source -iname '*.xml' | while IFS= read -rd$'\0' file1...

as $'\0' won't be found in a file name.

>   file2=dest/${${file1##source/}:r}.txt
>   destdir=${file2:h}
>   [[ -d $destdir ]] || mkdir -p $destdir
>   filter < $file1 > $file2
> done

This can be done in zsh with:

for file1 in **/*.(#i)xml(.NDoN); do

That builds the whole list first, but you can also do:

process() {
  [[ -d $destdir ]] || mkdir -p -- $destdir
  filter < $file1 > $file2
  return 1
: **/*.(#i)xml(.NDoN+process)

POSIXly, you could do:

find source -type f -name '*.[xX][mM][lL]' -exec sh -c '
  for file1 do
    [ -d "$destdir" ] || mkdir -p -- "$destdir"
    filter < "$file1" > "$file2"
  done' inline {} +


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