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Re: Zsh hangs sometimes?

On May 2, 11:44pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} This would only happen if you had lots and lots and lots of processes
} so that there was a chance that the process numbers would wrap before
} an entry in the table was cleared

Indeed, that's a lot of processes.  I don't think I've ever managed to
create that situation intentionally, and certainly not without putting
the machine into serious memory thrash.

} I've tidied up zhandler() because the comments were all over the place
} and I took against the way a goto in a for loop was written

"Took against"?  That's a turn of phrase I'd never encountered before.
I must be spending too much time on the west side of the Atlantic.

} and I've tidied up the STAT_ definitions because I can't do powers of
} two in my head well enough.

Interesting.  Not interesting that you can't do powers of two, but
interesting that your reaction to not being able to do powers of two
is to write out longhand the powers of two, rather than let the compiler
figure it out by use of shift operators.  All my professors back in
college would have said the Right Thing is what was there before, in
which you can see plainly exactly which bit-position is set rather than
having to convert hex to binary in your head, and in which you can add
the next bit-position without having to first work out the next power.

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