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Re: Zsh hangs sometimes?

On May 4,  1:13pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Can I suggest your professors were either very weird or (more likely)
} didn't do much real programming?

Emphasis on source maintainability rather than on ease of debugging.

} set of bits 0x09e1 (or whatever), to deduce that this includes (1<<11),
} (1<<8), (1<<7), (1<<6), (1<<5) and (1<<0)?

If it's a bitmask, you should be asking the debugger to print it in
binary rather than hex, so you can see the individual 100111100001.
In 0x09e1 you still have to compute that "e" is ... er ... gimme a
moment ... 8+4+2.

I think perhaps your programming of BlueTooth drivers has you thinking
more naturally in hex.  It's quite true that my professors did little
if any device driver programming.

Actually given that this is C, some of my professors probably would
have advocated using a bitfield struct, so your earlier point is not
without merit. :-)

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