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info and vi (was Re: Does zsh have anything like readline's edit-and-execute-command ?)

I apologize for not making this private, but Micah didn't cc me and
I'm not on the list, so I'm working from the archives, which means I
have no address for Micah to reply to.

Micah Elliott said:

 As a fellow vi user I sympathize.  I try to avoid info too, but
 sometimes it seems necessary.  So FYI, sounds like you're not
 aware of the --vi-keys option, which makes it bearable:

    alias info='info --vi-keys'

I was not.  However.  If the 4 movement keys, neither "h" nor "l" do
anything like movement.  "return" doesn't enter the nodes.  Ah,
apparent "C-x RET" enters a node.

That's not sufficiently vi-like to make me comfortable; I think I'll
stick to pinfo, where l and h do what I expect (move in and out of
nodes).  Thanks, though.


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