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Re: Question on filename completion

"Gowtham M" wrote:
> Oops, I did not know that the text pasted is to be patched. I am having
> tough time figuring out how to patch the _path_files file. I copied the text
> between the lines
>   diff -u -r1.27 _path_files
> and
> testpath="$donepath"
> to a file and fed that file patch command. patch failed, I tried with
> several other combinations of input to patch, deleted the first one line
> first, next second, but nothing worked.

In this case, in fact, you should fairly straightforwardly be able to
locate the point at which the text needs to be inserted.  Then you can
copy it in with the leading "+"'s stripped.  That's good enough.

To use patch, you should just be able to pass the whole ASCII text file
(you don't need to copy anything out as long as there's no mail quoting
left in the part which is the patch) to patch from the top level of the
zsh distribution with

patch -p0 <that_file

If you do it from the directory with _path_files in, omit "-p0".

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