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new completions for iftop and tcpdump


I've send this email to zsh-workes 6 days ago and got no reply, so I
resend it here. Maybe someone improoves these completions enough to be
included into zsh.



I've written some completion for iftop and tcpdump commands - see
attachements. However there's still lacking one for Berkeley Packet
Filter, both completions will benefit much if someone writes it.

Tomasz Pala <gotar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
#compdef iftop

_interfaces () {
	_wanted interfaces expl 'network interface' \
	_values "Pseudo-device that captures on all interfaces" "any"

_arguments \
  '(-h -n -N -p -b -B -P -i -f -F -c)'-h'[print a summary of usage]' \
  -n"[don't do hostname lookups]" \
  -N"[don't resolve port number to service names]" \
  -p'[run in promiscuous mode]' \
  -P'[turn on port display]' \
  -b"[don't display bar graphs of traffic]" \
  -B'[display bandwidth rates in bytes/sec rather than bits/sec]' \
  -i'[interface]:network interface:_interfaces' \
  -f'[filter]:BPF filter' \
  -F'[net/mask]:network/mask' \
  -c'[config file]:config file:_files'
#compdef tcpdump

typeset -A opt_args

_interfaces () {
	_wanted interfaces expl 'network interface' \
	_values "Pseudo-device that captures on all interfaces" "any"

_esp_secrets () {
	_values -S : 'ESP algorithm' \
		'des-cbc:secret' \
		'3des-cbc:secret' \
		'blowfish-cbc:secret' \
		'rc3-cbc:secret' \
		'cast128-cbc:secret' \

_packet_types () {
	_values 'Packets type' \
		'aodv[Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector protocol]' \
		'cnfp[Cisco NetFlow protocol]' \
		'rpc[Remote Procedure Call]' \
		'rtp[Real-Time  Applications  protocol]' \
		'rtcp[Real-Time Applications control protocol]' \
		'snmp[Simple Network Management Protocol]' \
		'tftp[Trivial File Transfer Protocol]' \
		'vat[Visual Audio Tool]' \
		'wb[distributed White Board]'

_data_link_types () {
	if (( $+opt_args[-i] )); then
		vals=( ${${${(s:  :)"$(_call_program data-link-types tcpdump -L -i $opt_args[-i] 2>&1)"}[2,-1]}/ /:} )
		_describe -t data-link-types "data link types ($opt_args[-i])" vals && ret=0
		_values "Data link types (general)" \
			"EN10MB" \

_bpf_filter () {

_arguments \
  '()-A[Print each packet in ASCII]' \
  -c'[Exit after receiving specified number of packets]:number of packets' \
  -C'[Specify output file size in MB (10e6 bytes)]:output file size' \
  '(-ddd)-d[Dump the compiled packet-matching code in a human readable form]' \
  '(-ddd)-dd[Dump packet-matching code as a C program fragment]' \
  '(-d -dd)-ddd[Dump packet-matching code as decimal numbers (preceded with a count)]' \
  '(-A -c -C -d -dd -ddd -e -E -f -F -i -l -L -m -M -n -N -O -p -q -R -r -S -s -T -t -tt -ttt -tttt -u -U -v -vv -vvv -w -W -x -xx -X -XX -y -Z *)'-D'[Print the list of the network interfaces available on the system]' \
  -e'[Print the link-level header on each dump line]' \
  -E"[Decrypting IPsec ESP packets]:spi@ipaddr::algo\:secret:_esp_secrets" \
  -f"[Print 'foreign' IPv4 addresses numerically]" \
  -F'[input file for the filter expression]:filter expression file:_files' \
  -i'[Interface]:interface:_interfaces' \
  -l'[Make stdout line buffered]' \
  '(-A -c -C -d -dd -ddd -e -E -f -F -l -D -m -M -n -N -O -p -q -R -r -S -s -T -t -tt -ttt -tttt -u -U -v -vv -vvv -w -W -x -xx -X -XX -y -Z *)'-L'[List the known data link types for the interface]' \
  '*-m[Load SMI MIB module definitions]:SMI MIB module definitions:_files' \
  -M'[shared secret for validating the digests in TCP segments with the TCP-MD5 option]:secret' \
  -n"[Don't convert addresses to names]" \
  -N"[Don't print domain name qualification of host names]" \
  -O"[Don't run the packet-matching code optimizer]" \
  -p"[Don't put the interface into promiscuous mode]" \
  -q'[Quick (quiet?) output]' \
  -R'[Assume ESP/AH packets to be based on old specification (RFC1825 to RFC1829)]' \
  -r'[Read packets from file]:input file:_files' \
  -S'[Print absolute TCP sequence numbers]' \
  -s'[Specify number of bytes of data to snarf from each packet]:number of bytes to snap' \
  -T'[Interpret captured packets as specified type]:packet type:_packet_types' \
  "(-tttt)-t[Don't print a timestamp on each dump line]" \
  '(-ttt -tttt)-tt[Print an unformatted timestamp on each dump line]' \
  '(-tt -tttt)-ttt[Print a delta (in micro-seconds) between current and previous line on each dump line]' \
  '(-t -tt -ttt)-tttt[Print a timestamp in default format proceeded by date on each dump line]' \
  -u'[Print undecoded NFS handles]' \
  -U'[Make output packet-buffered when saving to file (-w)]' \
  '(-vvv)-v[slightly more verbose output]' \
  '(-vvv)-vv[more verbose output]' \
  '(-v -vv)-vvv[most verbose output]' \
  -w'[Write the raw packets to file]:output file:_files' \
  -W'[Limit the number of created files (-C)]:number of files' \
  -x'[Print each packet (minus its link level header) in hex]' \
  '(-x)-xx[Print each packet, including its link level header, in hex]' \
  -X'[Print each packet (minus its link level header) in hex and ASCII]' \
  '(-X)-XX[Print each packet, including its link level header, in hex and ASCII]' \
  -y'[Set the data link type to use while capturing packets]:data link type:_data_link_types' \
  -Z'[Drops privileges (if root) and changes user ID (along with primary group)]:user:_users' \
  '*:BPF filter:_bpf_filter'

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