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strace completion (Re: grouping/joining _values)


> in order to have coma separators I use:
> _group1 () {
> 	_values -s , "first group description" element1 element2
> }
> but if I define 3 of them and join as follows:
> _alternative	'group1::_group1' 'group2::_group2' 'group3::_group3'
> the result is flawed. First of all descriptions appear on top:
> first group description
> second group description
> third group description
> X	-- X description
> Y	-- Y description
> Z	-- Z description
> a	b	c	d	e
> f	g	h	i	j
> k	l	m	n	o
> abc		def
> second problem occours after selecting some elements - the choice is
> limited to the group of the last one, e.g.
> $ c,d -e X,abc,o[tab]
> second group description
> a	b	c	d	e
> f	g	h	i	j
> k	l	m	n
> So is there a way to join multiple _values (or something else that can
> be coma separated) or make grouping within one list?

I've found solution myself using _wanted and _describe. See attached
file - it's almost complete strace completion. I think it's ready for
inclusion into zsh repo.

Tomasz Pala <gotar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
#compdef strace

#	- make _sys_calls system-dependent
#	- allow negated calls (e.g. -e!write)
_sys_calls () {
	local expl

	sys_calls=(_llseek _newselect _sysctl accept access acct
		adjtimex afs_syscall alarm bdflush bind break brk cacheflush
		capget capset chdir chmod chown chown32 chroot clone close connect
		creat create_module delete_module dup dup2 execve exit fchdir
		fchmod fchown fchown32 fcntl fcntl64 fdatasync flock fork fstat
		fstat64 fstatfs fsync ftime ftruncate ftruncate64 get_kernel_syms
		getcwd getdents getdents64 getegid getegid32 geteuid geteuid32
		getgid getgid32 getgroups getgroups32 getitimer getpagesize getpeername
		getpmsg getpgid getpgrp getpid getppid getpriority getresgid getresgid32
		getresuid getresuid32 getrlimit getrusage getsid getsockname getsockopt
		gettid gettimeofday getuid getuid32 gtty idle init_module ioctl ioperm
		iopl ipc kill lchown lchown32 link listen lock lseek lstat lstat64
		madvise mincore mkdir mknod mlock mlockall mmap modify_ldt mount mprotect
		mpx mremap msync munlock munlockall munmap nanosleep nfsservctl nice
		oldfstat oldlstat oldolduname oldstat oldumount olduname open pause
		personality phys pipe pivot_root poll prctl pread prof profil ptrace
		putpmsg pwrite query_module quotactl read readahead readdir readlink
		readv reboot recv recvfrom recvmsg rename rmdir rt_sigaction
		rt_sigpending rt_sigprocmask rt_sigqueueinfo rt_sigreturn rt_sigsuspend
		rt_sigtimedwait sched_get_priority_max sched_get_priority_min
		sched_getparam sched_getscheduler sched_rr_get_interval sched_setparam
		sched_setscheduler sched_yield security select sendfile send sendmsg sendto
		setdomainname setfsgid setfsgid32 setfsuid setfsuid32 setgid setgid32
		setgroups setgroups32 sethostname setitimer setpgid setpriority setregid
		setregid32 setresgid setresgid32 setresuid setresuid32 setreuid setreuid32
		setrlimit setsid setsockopt settimeofday setuid setuid32 setup sgetmask
		shutdown sigaction sigaltstack signal sigpending sigprocmask sigreturn
		sigsuspend socket socketcall socketpair ssetmask stat stat64 statfs stime
		stty swapoff swapon symlink sync sysfs sysinfo syslog time times truncate
		truncate64 ulimit umask umount uname unlink uselib ustat utime vfork vhangup
		vm86 vm86old wait4 waitpid write writev)

	for t in ${(s:,:)${PREFIX}}; do
		sys_calls=( ${sys_calls:#$t} )
	compset -P '*,'
	_wanted sys_calls expl 'System calls' compadd -qS , -a sys_calls

_sets () {
	_alternative \
		'special:Special values:(all none)' \

_traces () {
	local expl
	traces=('file:Trace all system calls which take a file name as an argument'
		'process:Trace all system calls which involve process management'
		'network:Trace all the network related system calls'
		'signal:Trace all signal related system calls'
		'ipc:Trace all IPC related system calls'
		'desc:Trace all file descriptor related system calls')
	compset -P '*,'
	_describe -t traces 'Related system calls' traces -qS ,

_traces_sets () {
	_alternative \
		'traces::_traces' \

_expression () {
	_values -S = "Qualifying expression" \
		'trace[Trace specified set of system calls only]:system calls:_traces_sets' \
		'abbrev[Abbreviate the output from printing each member of large structures]:system calls:_sets' \
		'verbose[Dereference structures for the specified set of system calls]:system calls:_sets' \
		'raw[Print raw, undecoded arguments for the specified set of system calls]:system calls:_sets' \
		'signal[Trace only the specified subset of signals]:signal:{compset -P "*,"; _signals -s -qS ,}' \
		'read[Perform a full hex and ASCII dump of all the data read from listed file descriptors]:file descriptors:{compset -P "*,"; _file_descriptors -qS ,}' \
		'write[Perform a full hex and ASCII dump of all the data written to listed file descriptors]:file descriptors:{compset -P "*,"; _file_descriptors -qS ,}'
	if [[ -z "$words[CURRENT]" || -n "${words[CURRENT]:#*=*}" ]]; then

_arguments \
	'()-c[Count time, calls, and errors for each system call and report a summary]' \
	-d'[Show some debugging output of strace itself on the standard error]' \
	-f'[Trace child processes as they are created by currently traced processes]' \
	-ff'[Write each process trace to <filename>.<pid> (when using -o <filename>]' \
	'(-c -d -f -ff -i -q -r -t -tt -ttt -T -v -V -x -xx -a -e -o -O -p -s -S -u -E)-h[Print help]' \
	-i'[Print the instruction pointer at the time of the system call]' \
	-q'[Suppress messages about attaching, detaching etc.]' \
	-r'[Print a relative timestamp upon entry to each system call]' \
	'(-ttt)-t[Prefix each line of the trace with the time of day]' \
	'(-ttt -tt)-tt[Prefix each line of the trace with the time of day including the microseconds]' \
	'(-tt -t)-ttt[Prefix each line of the trace with the number of seconds and microseconds since the epoch]' \
	-T'[Show the time spent in system calls]' \
	-v'[Print unabbreviated versions of environment, stat, termios, etc. calls]' \
	'(-c -d -f -ff -h -i -q -r -t -tt -ttt -T -v -x -xx -a -e -o -O -p -s -S -u -E)-V[Print the version number of strace]' \
	'(-xx)-x[Print all non-ASCII strings in hexadecimal string format]' \
	'(-x)-xx[Print all strings in hexadecimal string format]' \
	-a'[Align return values in a specific column (default 40)]:column number' \
	'*-e[Select events to trace or how to trace]:system call:_expression' \
	'-o[Write the trace output to the file]:output file:_files' \
	'-O[Overhead for tracing system calls]:overhead microseconds' \
	'(:)-p[Attach to the process with specified process ID and begin tracing]:Process ID:_pids' \
	'-s[Specify the maximum string size to print (default 32)]:maximum string size' \
	'-S[Sort the output of the histogram (-c option) by the specified criterion]:sort by:(time calls name nothing)' \
	'-u[Run as specified user]:user:_users' \
	'*-E[Remove variable from the inherited list of environment or define a value]:variable:_printenv' \
	'(-):command name: _command_names -e' \

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