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Re: Enabling tab-completion for an alias

2008/6/13 David Sveningsson <ext@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Mikael Magnusson skrev:
>> 2008/6/13 David Sveningsson <ext@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>> Hi, I'm having some trouble with tab-completion. I've created an alias
>>> for
>>> svn (subversion) which runs a pythonscript executing svn. One of the
>>> reasons
>>> for this is that I use the script to colorize the output.
>>> However this caused zsh to stop tab-completing svn commands, eg. I used
>>> to
>>> be able to type "svn res[tab]" and it completes to "svn resolved". Is
>>> there
>>> a way to enable the same tab-completions for my alias?
>> Assuming your alias is
>> alias svn="myfoobarscript --blabla"
>> then you can put in
>> compdef _svn myfoobarscript=svn
>> and it should complete the same as svn
> Almost, it looks like
> alias svn="python ~/bin/svnc.py"
> Is it possible anyway? Otherwise I guess I could always just wrap that in a
> shellscript.

Easy solution is chmod +x ~/bin/svnc.py and change the alias to just the script.

Mikael Magnusson

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