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Re: zsh does not start in $HOME

On Sep 16,  9:27am, Stephan Windmüller wrote:
} /etc/passwd does not contain an entry for my user.

Well, the NIS passwd map then, or the LDAP entry for your user, or ...
What's "print $HOME" say?  Zsh has to be getting /home/username from
this code in Src/init.c:

    if ((pswd = getpwuid(cached_uid))) {
        if (emulation == EMULATE_ZSH)
            home = metafy(pswd->pw_dir, -1, META_DUP);
        cached_username = ztrdup(pswd->pw_name);

It then initializes $PWD from $HOME, and "pwd" without the -P simply
prints $PWD.

} On Mon, 15. Sep 2008, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} > That indicates to me that:
} > -- there is a symlink from /home/username to /ldaphome/username
} No, both are separate directories.

There's a test ispwd() which checks to see whether the directory named
by $HOME is the same as the current directory, which it does by calling
stat() and examining the inode and device numbers.  This test has to be
returning success, so zsh disputes your assertion.

Run stat or zstat on the two directories and look at the device and
inode numbers.

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