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Re: Submitting vcs_info function

Frank Terbeck wrote:
> > I'd suggest that functions for each backend be done as arguments
> > "VCS_INFO_BACKEND_<backend> get_data", but it could equally be
> > something like VCS_INFO_backend_<backend>_get_data or anything
> > explicit enough that wouldn't get confused with another backend.
> I think
>     VCS_INFO_get_data_<backend>
> and VCS_INFO_detect_<backend>
> should be explicit enough. Wouldn't it?

Yes, it's basically what I said, except I wasn't actually looking at
what it already does, so it doesn't need to change.

> I don't know if the default for 'enable' should be:
>     ( "all" )
> or something "reasonable" (I know, I know, subjectivity...):
>     ( "git" "cvs" "svn" "hg" )

I've never heard of one of those, don't use one of those at all, and
rarely use one of the remaining two, so perhaps "all" is the only
sensible default.  The documenation should probably recommand setting it

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