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Re: reading a file into an array. mapfile? (f)?

On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 11:32 AM, Rocky Bernstein
<rocky.bernstein@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Here is the particular scenario I'm thinking. In debuggers for C, C++, Java,
> Python and Ruby (among probably others) one can debug a program remotely.
> What often happens here is that the source code may be coming from a
> different filesystem than where the program is in fact running. In this
> situation one would like a signature or checksum of the data to verify that
> the source code is the same. I've noticed in the past that "sum" on Solaris
> gives a different result than "sum" on GNU/Linux. I think however that
> "md5sum" does give the same result.

if all you're interested in is checking data consistency, maybe you
should use crc, which anyone who knows anything about hashing will
immediately realize means you make no guarantees about security. (it's
probably also much easier to write and faster to compute)
Aaron Davies

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