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_expand completer with ignored-patterns and all-expansions

I'm in an directory with java sources, and I want to cvs update

cvs update **/build.xml<tab> 

I have it so that my completers are _expand then _complete, and first
choice it offers is a list of all the files, which is what I want, so
my choices are:

   1. bin/a/b/c/build.xml bin/d/e/f/build.xml a/b/c/build.xml d/e/f/build.xml
   2. bin/a/b/c/build.xml
   3. bin/d/e/f/build.xml
   4. a/b/c/build.xml
   5. d/e/f/build.xml
   6. foo/bar/build.xml
Pressing Enter on choice 1. leads to a quick realization that bin/
directory is not under version control, so whole cvs command fails
with unable to find CVS/Entries.

After doing:

zstyle ':completion:*expand*:*' ignored-patterns 'bin/*'

The choices offered are:

   1. a/b/c/build.xml
   2. d/e/f/build.xml
   3. foo/bar/build.xml

As you can see the choice of all the completions together disappeared?
It seems that the ignored-patterns is applied by _expand to the
all-expansions completion thus disabling it.  What I'm looking for is:

   1. a/b/c/build.xml d/e/f/build.xml foo/bar/build.xml
   2. a/b/c/build.xml
   3. d/e/f/build.xml
   4. foo/bar/build.xml

I.e. when removing ignored-patterns from all-expansions, expand should remove 
individual elements before all-expansions is joined into the string, while
currently it looks like its doing it after.

The $fignore behaves as expected, i.e. patters in fignore are causing
the matches to be excluded from the all-expansions individually, I
can't use $fignore because it appears only the file portion is being
matched there, so adding bin/* to fignore does not work.

(P.S I know that I could have typed **/(^bin)/build.xml instead of
playing with completions system, but its still looks like a bug/problem)

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