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Re: Functions in system init scripts


> > When a user is logging via a display manager like GDM,
> the function definitions get "lost" as only
> zshenv/.zshenv/zshrc/.zshrc are getting sourced when an
> xterm / gnome-terminal is launched. zprofile/.zprofile are
> sourced during the login but only environment variable
> setting survive till xterm/gnome-terminal.
> One way to fix this is to make your terminal emulator
> execute the shells as login shells (gnome-terminal can do that IIRC).

True, thanks for the tip (although this doesn't sound optimal as xterm would still be unfixed).

> Another way would be to *only* source /etc/profile in your
> zshrc as this file gets executed for any interactive shell, login
> or not.

Yeah, I guess this is more or less the only option; the side-effect is that one needs to move stuff from zprofile/.zprofile to zshrc/.zshrc in order to be able to override system settings (e.g., locale settings). This is perhaps bit contradicting of how many view the division between different zsh init files.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author