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Re: vi mode, v launches editor

> On Fri, 24 Oct 2008 11:35:17 +0200 (CEST)
> "Jerry Rocteur" <macosx@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> w> 1) How do I get a complete list of key bindings that are set up in my current shell,
>> perhaps if I could find this I
>> would be able to find an answer quickly
> You might want to use "bindkey -L" since it outputs it in the form of the command you need to set things up again,
so it's easy to grab a command for future use.

That's a bit low level, I never type control anything except for control C from time to time or control H whey I
forget to set stty erase on a HP UX server ;-)

What I had in mind was, when I'm on the command line and I want to go right I type l, if I want to delete to end of
line I type D, that is the kind of list I thought would be useful ?

>> 2) When in vi mode and editing a line and I would like to load the whole line in vi, in ksh I'm used to typing v on
>> the line and this loads vi with the complete line in it. With zsh nothing happens, I'm sure this is again something
>> set up in the bindings but I've just scanned through them and can't find anything, I'm in vi mode and my EDITOR and
>> VISUAL settings are set.
> See the zshcontrib manual page: the function edit-command-line does what you want.  zshcontrib describes a whole
load of add ons that are implemented as shell functions so aren't part of the core zle stuff.
> autoload -Uz edit-command-line
> zle -N edit-command-line
> bindkey -M vicmd 'v' edit-command-line

GREAT, I'll try it immediately, and edit-command-line was the thing I was looking for but didn't find but now I know
that it would not have helped me.

> By the way, if you're confused about where to look in the manual, there's a new "zshroadmap" page that should give
some pointers.

OK. with zshcontrib and zshroadmap and the zsh-lovers page and the from bash to z shell web page guess what I'll be
doing this weekend.

>> P.S. I just got a mail from an agent looking for a build consultant and it is the first time I see ZSH mentioned as
the skills required!
> Wow, that's certainly a change.

I'm updating my CV ;-))))))))



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