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Re: zstyle for function instead of command?

On Nov 22,  6:02pm, sam reckoner wrote:
} % gvim ^Xh
} tags in context :completion::complete:gvim::
}     argument-rest options  (_arguments _vim)
} tags in context :completion::complete:gvim:argument-rest:
}     all-files  (_files _vim_files _arguments _vim)
} But when I try the same w/
} % v ^Xh
} I get nothing.

That's extremely suspicious.  You should get some kind of output for
anything, e.g., the default fallback for completion should produce

tags in context :completion::complete:v::
    globbed-files  (_files _default (eval))

What do you get if the word in command position is an entirely non-
existent command, that is, neither a .exe nor a function nor an alias?
Does it matter whether that word is a single character long, or longer?

Do you have autocd set and is there a directory named "v" somewhere
in your cdpath?  I'm sort of grabbing straws here.  You don't have a
v: drive, do you?

} did I find a bug? I am using cygwin on winXP

Unfortunately I don't have a cygwin environment in which to fool with
this, and as 4.3.9 is out now it might be better if you can reproduce
the problem with that rather than 4.3.4.

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