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Re: child PID in TRAPCHLD?

On Dec 11,  9:21pm, Anthony Heading wrote:
} As I realized when writing my previous email, I've followed zsh
} coding heroics on this mailing list for about two decades, and while
} I'm delighted to have uncovered an objective deemed unsuitable or
} impracticable for zsh, I'm rather surprised that it's in the sphere of
} executing subprocesses. That is sort of what shells is for, innit?

Well, actually, no.  Shells are for *hiding* the details of process
management, so that you can go about the business of shlepping files
around and getting done whatever those processes are supposed to do.
} > There's also an inevitable race condition in the event that the
} > background job exits before you can add it to $joblist.
} Killer point. There's no way to postpone the execution of traps, is
} there?

There is, but again it's something the shell employs only internally.

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