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Re: > Redirection

On 24 Dec 2008, at 17:21, Frank Terbeck wrote:

@ Rocteur CC <jerry@xxxxxxx>:
On 24 Dec 2008, at 16:20, Chris Johnson wrote:
Jerry Rocteur sent me the following 0.3K:
Sorry for this but it is bugging me an I can't find an answer.
When I type > filename
I want it to do the same as cp /dev/null filename
If I read you right, I think you want to precede that command with a
 : > filename
Hi Chris,
That does work indeed but I want the default behaviour, I would like
that when I type

(k)sh-like behaviour...

Correct, that is what most people grew up on ;-)

I keep having this vision of someone learning UNIX on the Z Shell and then getting a job where scripting is required except that the job is in a sh, ksh or bash environment which is probably 95% or more of all UNIX jobs on the market (speculation, probably 99%), wouldn't you be screwed ;-)

I'm going to write a book "The Z Shell for Experienced (K)sh shell Programmers"

filename that it behaves as if I had done : > filename!

I'm looking for a setopt that will fix this non standard behaviour.

man zshparam | less -p NULLCMD

Thanks to all who replied. I am sorry I had not found that myself, plus I just noticed it is mentioned on page 194 of THE book!

What I need in fact is:

setopt shnullcmd

Thanks again,


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