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Re: some way to inherit kill ring in su'd shell?

>>>>> Phil Pennock <zsh-workers+phil.pennock@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> You could always send zsh-users a patch to add the variables you
> want to the zsh/zleparameter module.  :) If you do that, then it's
> much easier, since you just do something like:

That sounds like a good avenue to pursue.. thanks!

> Hrm.  I was just thinking of having it be available in a variable to
> reference, not to initialise the new killring with it.  Sorry.  You'd
> probably want to add an init API to zsh/zleparameter too.  Unless
> someone else points out an approach I'm missing.

From within zle, it looks like you can do something like

  zle copy-region-as-kill <string>

to populate the cut buffer/kill ring.

But then you have to do that from a user-defined widget again.

I think having an API in zsh/zleparameter might be better..
will look into that at some point.


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