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Strange behaviour in zsh's emacs bindings


I have been using the zsh with emacs bindings for some time now and
have noticed that the killing/moving forward of a single word (M-d,
M-^H, M-f,M-b) does not work the way it works under emacs (or bash
with emacs bindings, for example) as it treats strings like
"/this/is/a/long/path" as a single word, as it does with strings
separated with points, e.g.
"these.are.some.words.sepparated.by.points" and kills/goes over it in
one single step. It can get very annoying when working with longer
paths and such, and I wanted to ask if this was the way it is intended
to work (that is, if I have to modify some configuration to get it to
behave the way I want it to) or if it is indeed a bug. However, I am
inclined to thin it is the latter and think that the answer might be
in Src/Zle/zle_word.c but got somewhat confused and before investing a
few hours trying to change it I guessed it would be a good idea to ask
you guys here first. Thanks in advance.


Andres Goens

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