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Odp: Midnight Commander and zsh - "Warning: cannot change directory..."

For example, if I'm going to enter "News" sub-dir, it just says:
"Warning: cannot change to /home/zb/News".

There are two things worthy to mention:

1. That mentioned earlier side-effect of moving the panels up is more
likely to see, when the sub-directory name (the one I'm going to
enter) contains some non-alphanumerical character (f.e.
"#sharedobject"). But it's not limited to only such case.

2. In fact, I couldn't see that effect, when I changed my locale to
"en_US" - in such case there was just the "warning..." (but I didn't
try that long, so I'm not sure, is the english locale "effect-free").
Perhaps mc has issues with i18n? Or it's zsh subshell-related rather?

If you change your LANG and LC_ALL to f.e. "pl_PL" - you can see that
annoying effect faster.


2009/2/3, Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx>:
> "Zbigniew B." wrote:
>> I noticed strange problems when running mc from within zsh: when
>> trying to change directory (using <Enter>, or <F3>) very often - no
>> idea, what it's depending on - there's a message: "Warning: cannot
>> change directory..." (or something like that), although in fact it
>> changed to new directory. Even worse: sometimes after printing out the
>> warning both mc's panels are moved higher, making the screen unusable
>> (the topmost line, of course, goes away).
>> I noticed, it's somehow related to subshell, because no such problems
>> at all, when mc has been run with "mc -u".
>> Surely someone noticed the problem earlier, and perhaps even found the
>> cure? zsh 4.3.9, mc 4.6.2-pre1, Linux, Glibc 2.8
> No, but if you can track down the exact error message we might be able
> to suggest possibilities.
> --
> Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx>                  Software Engineer
> CSR PLC, Churchill House, Cambridge Business Park, Cowley Road
> Cambridge, CB4 0WZ, UK                          Tel: +44 (0)1223 692070

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