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Ignore certain glob characters?

I'd like to be able to specify that I want no_nomatch behavior for certain meta-characters. With Windows commands, a common flag is '/?' (usually the semantic equivalent of '--help'), and I'm getting sick of typing '/\?':

$ runas /?
zsh: no matches found: /?

The other place this comes up is when pasting URLs into the terminal (both Windows/non):

$ wget http://example.com/probably?param=eters
zsh: no matches found: http://example.com/probably?param=eters

It'd be nice to selectively disable globbing in either of the following ways:

1. by choosing which metachars should not trigger NOMATCH
e.g. '?' and '[]' are common ones that trip me up only in Zsh.

2. by choosing prefixes that should trigger NO_NOMATCH
e.g. '/' or 'http://' for the above examples. Probably others. '-' on non-Windows.

Is there a way to do either of those? Or can someone suggest another workaround?


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author