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Re: Problem with fake-files style and cd

2009/2/14 Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Feb 14,  7:19pm, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> }
> } (No, I've modified the _cd completer a bit to only add $cdpath things
> } if the first component is already typed out, because when I'm sitting
> } in a dir with only one subdir and type cd <tab> i would like that
> } directory completed and not the 50 ones in my cdpath. [...])
> Well, that was your first mistake. :-)  You should be able to get the
> effect you want using styles.
> } Of course, my real question should have been if I can make the
> } completion listing remove duplicate entries when I have both a real
> } directotry and an entry in cdpath that matches, but I guess if you
> } have a real dir foo/bar and a cdpath dir foo/baz you want to be able
> } to complete to foo/baz too. Maybe it doesn't have to show up as a
> } cdpath entry at the foo point though, since the cd builtin won't
> } actually go there anyway?
> I'm not sure I'm following the last part of that, but what you need to
> look at is the documentation for the tag-order zstyle.

Even if I had accidentally read that whole section, it would not have
occurred to me it could be used here. After thinking for a few minutes
I realized I can find the strings "local-directories" and
"path-directories" with the _complete_help keybind I have on alt-f9,
or reading through the rest of the documentation in its entirety,
unless I had stumbled across the "Standard Tags" section by chance. In
the context of having read your mail it is very helpful though :). It
is a tiny bit confusing why the name of the "directories" tag is
changed to local-directories only when $cdpath is set, is it for any
other reason than to break all your styles when you set/unset cdpath?

> I use this:
>    zstyle :completion::complete:cd:: tag-order \
>        local-directories path-directories
> This says to complete only local directories if there are matches for
> those, and if there are no local matches then complete only directories
> that are found in the cdpath.  Look at the documentation for "Standard
> Tags" to find explanation of local-directories and path-directories.

Thanks, with my hack to _cd removed, I think this does more or less
exactly what I want. I wouldn't mind if it was on a per-completion
entry, ie it would be nice if I got this:
% mkdir -p local/code/foo
% mkdir -p path/code/bar
% cdpath=$PWD/path
% cd local
% cd code<tab>
---- local directory
---- directory in cdpath

which is what I get without the above style set. However,
% mkdir arg
% cd <tab>
---- local directory
arg/   code/
---- directory in cdpath

I don't want the cdpath to appear in this case, only once I'm actually
completing at a place where they differ. I don't expect anyone to do
anything about this, I'm just saying it would be nice :).

Thanks a lot for your and Peter's help.

> If you want to complete directories in both places but only show the
> local ones in listings, you can use the "hidden" style like so:
>    zstyle :completion::complete:cd::path-directories hidden yes
> (That's not very clear from the documentation for the "hidden" style.)
> You probably don't want to use both tag-order and hidden in this case,
> but there might be contexts in which you would.

I tried this but it seemed less useful.

Mikael Magnusson

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