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Re: expansion of environment variables

2009/3/5 Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Mar 5, 11:35am, ruud grosmann wrote:
> }
> } The new version has a feature that is not in the 3.0 version. I would
> } like to disable the feature, but I am not sure if an option exist for
> } that one. Maybe you can help me.
> I don't know why this would have changed, but it does not appear that
> there is any way to turn it off.  Both the expand-or-complete and the
> complete-word widgets expand the variable; I would have expected the
> latter not to.
> Worse, if I enable the new completion system with 'compinit' then the
> variable doesn't expand but the completion doesn't work.  I mention
> this because with the new completion system enabled, the 'suffix'
> zstyle is supposed to control exactly what Ruud is asking about, and
> the default is to have the "old" behavior that he wants.
> For benefit of zsh-workers, with compinit this is yet another problem
> in _path_files.  At line 479 (latest CVS) it correctly assigns the
> expanded list of files to the tmp2 array (having originally gotten
> them from "compadd -D tmp1" at line 466), but then when building the
> exppaths array at lines 484 or 486, it uses ${tpre}${tsuf} which have
> never been expanded.
> I'm also not sure how line 484 can ever be reached, since at 479
> "${(@)tmp2:h}" is always going to strip off any trailing slash.  It
> seems a bit strange to compare an entire array to a single pattern
> at line 483 as well, but I guess it works since the last element of
> the array should be representative of any single element.

fwiw it seems to work if $key is a directory, i correctly get
$key/<files here> without $key being expanded. But with a . instead of
a /, i get the same result, that nothing happens.

Mikael Magnusson

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