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Bug in vi-mode search

Our bug database hasn't synced just yet, so this link doesn't do anything
at the moment, but an internal user filed


where the bug description says:

    When using vi keybindings (set -o vi) history search is initiated by
    ESC-/. The searching appears to be broken:

    The initial history line returned is correct but subsequent entries (by
    repeatedly pressing '/') returned don't have the search string in them
    and appear to simply be sequential entries from the history file.

    This could be related to the recent zsh upgrade as searching works as
    expected on prior versions (101, 104).

    In emacs mode searching works as expected.

Builds 101 and 104 had zsh 4.3.4; the build he's filing the bug against has
zsh 4.3.9.  I've confirmed the bug's behavior, but don't have access to
non-Solaris systems on which to try it.  I don't see anything in the
ChangeLog that might have fixed this, but haven't yet tried building from
CVS to see if it exists.

Is this reproducible on other systems?


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