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Re: trouble with vimbindings...

On Mar 16,  1:04am, iamjay wrote:
} Subject: Re: trouble with vimbindings...
} Thanks!
} That solves my problem...
} Just wondering why it isn't implemented that way by default...

You just need to remember that zsh has been around for almost 20 years,
and nearly everything it does is layered on top of something that it
originally did slightly differently.

Before there was a line editor, there was a parser.  The parser was the
best way to figure out whether the shell had a complete command to be
executed, or whether it needed to print the PS2 prompt and read further;
but to invoke the parser you had to process the current input line.

Before the line editor could handle multiple lines, there was a line
editor that could deal only with moving left and right within a single
line; so there wasn't any need to keep earlier lines around once they
were passed through the parser.

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