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Re: freebsd problems with carriage return

On Wed, 25 Mar 2009, Stephane Chazelas wrote:

Except that as far as I can see from the source code, it does an explicit fflush() after each progress line, so it shouldn't be a stdio buffering issue. Unless the OP's using an old version of rsync on FreeBSD?

	rsync  version 3.0.2
	rsync  version 3.0.5
	rsync  version 2.6.9

The fact that you don't get the output when stdout is a pipe is probably the place to look at. But I don't know why rsync would decide not to output the progress when stdout is pipe as opposed to when it's a regular file.

hhmmm... it may be related to a pipe (but it works as expected on linux, with a pipe or redirect)... so maybe i can use a redirect as if it's a pipe...

the top half of that split screen is `tr` converting carriage returns into newlines, and reading stdin from a fifo. the bottom half is rsync, with stdout redirected into the fifo. it's working as desired and expected, even on freebsd.

what seems to me like just a slight variation of that, once again works on linux and fails on freebsd:
	tr '\r' '\n' < <( rsync --progress --bwlimit=5 foo_in foo_out )
	rsync --progress --bwlimit=5 foo_in foo_out > >( tr '\r' '\n' )

my understanding of zsh; process substitution should operate as a fifo. so i really don't get why it works as desired in the screen-shot, but not with process substitution.


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