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Re: using brackets in scripts

On Sun, 29 Mar 2009, Pol wrote:

My script starts with

but then commands are preceded by 'sudo'

Same result if commands in script are not preceded by 'sudo', but the script itself is launched by 'sudo' .

within the script, run the commands "zmodload", "setopt" and "autoload -U zargs", and see if you get output that makes sense in a zsh environment. if not, the commands within your script are not being executed by zsh.

also, on your command line, check the path to zsh:
	ls -lh =zsh

it might be in /usr/local/bin/zsh, which might cause the script to default to a bourne shell, and the zsh glob tricks will fail.

if the commands are preceded by sudo, try:
	sudo zsh -c ls -l save/*(.)

or, try setting "SHELL=zsh" towards the top of the script, before invoking sudo.


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