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Re: Expanding global aliases on key press (II)

On Apr 9,  7:16pm, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
} accept-line()
}     { emulate -LR zsh
}       match-words-by-style -w shell
}       local ga=$matched_words[2]
}       if [[ -n $ga ]]; then
}           matched_words[2]="${${galiases[$ga]}:-$ga}"
}           LBUFFER="${(j::)matched_words[1,3]}"; fi
}       zle .accept-line;}
} zle -N accept-line
} ##
} jed Makefile  (with the cursor still being after the "M")
}     now when I press enter this expands to 
} jed | mostakefile  (which of course is nonsense)

Interesting, I would have expected match-words-by-style to be a bit
more clever about this case (e.g., I didn't expect "Makefile" to
be split into "M" and "akefile" in matched_words, although now that
I see it I'm not entirely sure what I would want instead, and it is
in fact possible to detect this situation from $matched_words).

} Is there a way to modify Bart's above function so that expansion of 
} global aliases is only done when the cursor is at the end of the line 
} (or not "in" a word)?

Yes, change [[ -n $ga ]] to

    [[ -n $ga && ( -n $matched_words[4] || -z $matched_words[5] ) ]]

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