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Re: Bind ":" to execute-named-cmd in vicmd?

On Apr 17,  4:14pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} On Fri, 17 Apr 2009 00:29:13 -0700
} Ian Tegebo <ian.tegebo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
} > It seems like one would naturally want to bind ":" to
} > execute-named-cmd in the vicmd keymap.  Is there something I'm missing
} > that would prohibit this from being a sensible default?
} Well, there's no fundamental reason why not, and it's an easy change, but it
} doesn't really work the same way as ":" in vi so it's not clear to me it's
} something you'd do without thinking.  Can't see any obvious disadvantage,
} though.

One problem is that execute-named-cmd doesn't use the viins keymap, so
to invoke it is in effect throwing a vi user into emacs mode with no
obvious way to get out of it -- they won't know to hit ^G and you can't
back out by hitting backspace/delete at the prompt.  Yeah, it does work
to just hit enter, but ...

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