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Re: Zsh util helpfiles does not produce output

On Apr 25,  2:41pm, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
} col.txt on the Cygwin host (where it works) is plain text while on the 
} Linux machine it looks like this:
} 1mNAME0m
}        zshbuiltins - zsh built-in commands
}        1m- 4m22msimple24m 4mcommand0m
}               See the section `Precommand Modifiers'.
} The pure man output on both machines contains control sequences - but 
} on Linux I see:

OK, so what appears to be happening here is that on Linux, the "man"
program itself has become terminfo-aware and is generating terminal-
specific control sequences instead of simple overstriking.  "col"
doesn't know that this is happening, so all it has done is to remove
the ESC characters, not the "escape sequences" that man has output.

So try this:

    TERM=dumb man zshbuiltins > man.txt

That should get you back to something much more like the Cygwin output.

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